^ bas sam danas predlozila momku da malo proucimo tu vrstu seksa.

Nipno se x-40Nipno se x-14Nipno se x-13

****ing Hayate gets his little sister killed in both matches. Dude is saying the ninjas do not use Ninpo spells and/or power techniques in their games, which is incorrect.

This wouldn't be a viable tactic if it weren't for ****ing Hayate however.

She only needs a win over Hayabusa and she'll have the resume for it. I thought Ayane was not allowed to lead or something of that nature, wasn't she treated like an outcast?

And what's with all this bad talk about Hayate, people?

Te stvari nisu nesto sto vidis na tv ili na internetu kao neki sex i sad odlucis i ti da probas to.

To je zapadnjacka prica koja je izvucena samo za jednu stvar, a to je da su uzmu pare.

You should see the things he said was going to be on DOAX2.

Originally posted by Style Time I vote Ayane take over the Mugen Tenshin in DOA5.

Out of all the ninjas, Hayate is my 2nd fav next to Ryu.