I see portability as a huge plus for C , while others might not care at all (or point me to Mono).Performance is also a point where I am not so sure.

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I tried a lot of them: Kaspersky [not too shabby] Zone Alarm, [quite alarming] Norton I did not bother with, neither Trend Micro - costly and resource guzzlers. It is great at not slowing my system down and do everything right though its got a bad attitude with certain safe utils I've been using for a long time. I don't need their extras because I have that sorted with free and stand alone utilities that I run when have a need for it.

It's giving false positives on some program that supposedly contains malware just in an attempt to force/con you into buying their pro version of Sophos. The 2018 version also comes with a Wallet feature, allowing you to safe your passwords.

I have taught it using POSIX Threads before, but since everyone and their grandmother seems to use Java or C# these days, throwing in a couple of examples in these languages won’t hurt. Without having written a single line of code and just by reading the various guides available, I have come up with a list of differences between C# and C and thought you might enjoy reading it here.

And so, without any further ado and very brief, here is my list of differences between the two, sorted into three categories: things I like better in C#, things I like better in C and things where I could not make up my mind.

😛 Coming to the end of this article, I have a small request: I am looking for a good book on C# development to recommend to my students (and read myself, must not forget that : P), preferably one that is for people with a background in C/C and with content on threaded programming (because that’s what the class is all about).

Browsing the reviews on the net, it appears that Programming C# is pretty good, judging from the table of contents it also covers threads, but of course I don’t know how well. Or can you comment on whether the book would be suited for my purpose? I realize for most of you this is probably old news.I have been taking a first look at C# a little while ago, because I wanted to know if it is worth looking into, and because I am thinking about polishing up my class on Parallel Programming here at the university with a little language diversification.CCleaner's definitions are rather stagnant by nature and should last me several years on this last ad-free rendition.When are companies, shit companies like these going to learn their f'ing lessons? Bundling because you have no confidence in your product speaking for itself is ghetto, bad biz and a red flag of WHAT TO AVOID!One of the more popular Windows cleanup tools, CCleaner, has added Avast ads on to their software.