I have to click Edit and Cancel twice for them to do their action.

on the modechanging event ensure that you do the data Bind() last after you have set the change Mode or it will not take effect and will require the edit button to be pressed twice.

Once to set the mode the second to bind the data to that mode.

I am trying to gain access to a Drop Down List that is inside a "Insert Item Template", but the above code ends up with null. Thank the stars that you posted this - I was buggering around with this for ages and finally have a kind of work around. Then on the page prerender event I use the changemode method of my Form View object to change the viewmode to the one stored, and rebind.

However if I let it run once and then try it again in another round trip to the server then I get access to the control. I dont know why it does what it does - however I took note of what you said about doing it in code rather than on the aspx page. I figured there was something going on in the page lifecycle that was screwing it up. Details View Mode Event Args e) Cancelling would go from Edit mode to Read Only mode, which not rebinding may be the problem you are having, emphasize "may be".

Repeaters give you full control but typing the HTML yourself but I'd like to see if I can use the features of the controls to do what I need to do before moving to the repeater.

Because then I have to code those extra features that the Grid View and Details View have that the repeater does not.When in either of these modes, I have to press cancel twice to return to readonly mode.....pretty frustrating. Guys I solved the problem here;s the code, I just called Bind Details View after changing mode to Edit..It will set to Edit mode and Render correctly when you click on Edit button for first time protected void Page_Load(object sender, Event Args e) private void Bind Detials View() protected void Details View1_Mode Changing(object sender, Details View Mode Event Args e) ).protected void dtl User_Mode Changing(object sender, Details View Mode Event Args e) Hope it helps someone.This article will show you how to use Details View control without using of SQLData Source data control.That happened to me as well whenever I changed the Data Source or Data Source ID in Page Load.