Two weeks ago Liam Fox celebrated his 50th birthday with a high-profile bash, boasting, in a shiny blue shirt, that he had not one but two prime ministers helping him blow out the candles.

Having David Cameron there was nice, but he could not have looked more pleased than to have his heroine, Margaret Thatcher, making a rare public appearance, posing for photos.

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After overseeing deep cuts to the defence budget, a succession of leaked letters criticising the Treasury and the decision to protect aid spending cost him support in No 10.

There were reports of concern about his "partying lifestyle", which he dismissed as part of the "rufty-tufty world" of politics.

When a small party of Mo D staff and advisers joined Fox on holiday in Spain this summer, while the war in Libya raged, Werritty was among them.

It emerged last week that Werritty had been at the Ministry of Defence 14 times in little over a year and that he popped up during Fox trips to Sri Lanka and Dubai.

In a demonstration of the strength of their friendship, Werritty acted as Fox's best man.

The marriage appeared to draw a line under a colourful love life, which included Fox once being linked to former Neighbours actress and pop star Natalie Imbruglia.

It emerged yesterday that Werritty had listed the MP's London home as his address when registering as a director of Security Futures.

Fox confirmed that Werritty had "used the spare room" in 2002-03. To the best of my knowledge, there has never been a company registered at this address whilst I have owned the property." During the general election campaign last year, Fox's home was burgled.

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