In order to turn off that network activity completely, you can create a Windows Firewall rule to prevent outbound traffic.

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SSDT Tabular now includes an internal SSAS instance, which SSDT Tabular starts automatically in the background if integrated workspace mode is enabled so that you can add and view tables, columns, and data in the model designer without having to provide an external workspace server instance.

If you're looking for content on what each telemetry level means and how to configure it in your organization, see Configure Windows telemetry in your organization.

For Windows 10 only, the following Cortana MDM policies are available in the Policy CSP.

Prevent device metadata retrieval from the Internet.

If you enable this policy and set it to Anonymous info, usage information will be shared but not search history, Microsoft Account information, or specific location.

In Windows 10, version 1507 and Windows 10, version 1511, when you enable the Don't search the web or display web results in Search Group Policy, you can control the behavior of whether Cortana searches the web to display web results.Make sure should you've chosen the right settings configuration for your environment before applying.You should not extract this package to the windows\system32 folder because it will not apply correctly.Running the Windows Restricted Traffic Limited Functionality Baseline on devices in your organization will allow you to quickly configure all of the settings covered in this document.However, some of the settings reduce the functionality and security configuration of your device and are therefore not recommended.You can configure these settings to control the data that is sent to Microsoft.