The winner of such was Australian Julian Wilson [1].

ASP repeated their contest tour in 2011 added a women's competition to the men's long board championship at Arugam Bay.

Many of the buildings were destroyed in the 2004 tsunami.

Other breaks in the area include Whiskey Point and Pottuvil Point to the north, and Elephant Rock, Peanut Farm and Okanda to the south.

These breaks have attracted a steady stream of international tourists for several decades.

The bay hosts a large fleet of fishing boats which operates off the beach.

Many organizations donated boats after the tsunami and as a result there are far more fishing boats than ever before.

Sadly, none of their projects survived the first year of operation. At the 312 km mark on the main A4 (the famous Colombo High Level Rd.

- Pottu Ville), an excellent shortcut side road exists, which ends up in the very middle of Arugam Bay itself.Arugam Kudah's literal Tamil translation is "Bay of Cynodon dactylon".Tourism in Arugam Bay is dominated by surf tourism, thanks to several quality breaks in the area, however tourists are also attracted by the local beaches, lagoons, historic temples and the nearby Kumana National Park.The Arugam Bay area is home to a number of quality surf breaks, the most popular of which being 'Main Point' located towards the south of the bay.This is a right hand point break, with a rock/reef bottom, and has a number of sections with occasional barrels.An exception is uncoordinated support for fishing folk as well as many school rebuilding programs, resulting in a continuation to provide only separatist schools for each community.