Peregrym attended Aurora College and graduated from there in 2004.

Missy Peregrym began her modeling career at the age of 18 and the agency " Missy Peregrym during her modeling time Source: Pinterest Peregrym made her acting debut in the action-drama series, Dark Angel, playing Hottie Blood in 2000.

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He's not as much of a threat as I thought he was going to be originally."It's very interesting coming back this year because Luke has gone. Now I'm able to date Sam and we're going to really start this relationship.

But Sam is mad at me for leaving, so we have to repair.

You obviously know the relationship with my father and last season he was getting sober and he makes an appearance this season too, but I haven't heard from my mom in 14 years. I didn't know where she'd gone and where she was living. That's something I can't relate to in my real life. The truth is I'm already heartbroken by the whole thing.

I have a great relationship with my parents and we're very close. And it was weird because my mom came to visit and they were hanging out together and getting on. What's been difficult - which even I notice - was when we were not together, it was like we were more together. I'm confused as to what to do and it causes tension between us.

saw protagonist Andy Mc Nally having her knuckles rapped for letting her personal feelings for rogue cop Sam Swarek (Ben Bass) get in the way of the job, with both receiving a suspension from 15 Division as a result. "I've actually had a lot of time off to do whatever I want to do, which has been great on one hand and difficult because I can't be with Sam.

But what does this mean for Sam and Andy's relationship, and what else will hit Andy during season three? So that's why I leave, because if Sam and I are together, we're going to lose our jobs."So is that what happens in the bit we haven't seen yet?After the first season aired, I got great treatment crossing the [American-Canadian] border.I actually thought I was in trouble and because he was like, 'You need to hold on here one second'. What do you mean you want to talk about their relationship and I'm crossing the border right now?As the show returns to Universal tonight (September 2), we catch up with Andy actress Missy Peregrym to get some gossip about the new season, learn about her similarities to her character and her own run-ins with the law... "Everything about the relationship between me and Sam picks up in the first episode because he picks me up at the airport.I'm obviously very excited to come back to work to see a new rookie there.Of course, I am going to leave so we don't lose our jobs and I come back and we can be together.