The third edition was finally realized in last 2011, ended in 2012, becoming the very first year that the winner was crowned in the following year.

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The first round is Official Gown Competition (In 2009 Edition it changed its name to "Meet the Delegates").

Here all the contestants have a runway with the same dress, in this round the judges evalaute their beauty, their performance...

The contest is based on Miss Universe beauty contest.

It was aired for first time in Summer 2008 in missimworld Channel of You Tube.

so he forgot the idea of a Beauty Pageant for sims.

Several months later he decided to try it again, to make a beauty contest but with everything made by him: the delegates, the stage, the runways...Despire being one of the less watched edition, the organization apologized because they had not much time to make the contest, and they already promised to make 2012 edition even bigger.The 2012 edition finished, aswell than 2011, in the following year... In early 2013, shortly after ending the 2012 edition, Rodolfo Mendieta announced he was no longer the president of Miss Sim Universe.Earlier that year, on February 10, 2003, Dat Torres, owner of Colombia's franchise on Miss Sim Universe, announced he was no going to send any more Colombian winners to the Miss Sim Universe competition: "The decision was hard to take.It's a huge door that I closed, to open a new one that is even bigger.In 2011 it was announced that the contest was going to have a new president: Rodolfo Mendieta from Mexico, who already owned the Miss Sim Mexico Pageant, so J.