Mike Leach is known for interesting tangents during interviews.Early season losses didn't exactly put him in the most playful mood with the media, but the Utah win appears to have eased things up a bit. Kevin Trahan of used the latest comment to put together a guide to Mike Leach's advice to dating.

The Cougars coach was asked about wedding preparation by a reporter who is getting married in nine days. Leach explained the women involved in the wedding were going to "lose their minds" and he was going to be asked multiple questions.

The 56-year-old said that his favorite answer to give was "I don't care" when asked about little details about the wedding like the kinds of invitations to get or type of dessert.

29, 2014Today's was not your typical Monday press conference at Washington State.

Coach Mike Leach talked about the win at Utah and the challenge presented by Saturday's game against California, but he also gave quotes like this: Men's Basketball: Ernie Kent landed the third verbal commitment in the 2015 recruiting class, this one from Robert Franks. Evergreen's Franks commits to Washington State hoops | The Columbian Evergreen High School basketball standout Robert Franks will stay in state for his college days.

Leach was back at it on Monday, going on a nice little rant about modern technology and how it will one day be the downfall of the human species. That's mostly a rant about smartphones and the ways people use them, but there is a little dating advice in there as well. Full video from Leach's press conference is in the links below.

Football: Wicks: Eklund (note: the audio now works.

Franks called Washington State men's basketball coach Ernie Kent around 7 p.m.

Monday to tell Kent he would sign with the Cougars in November.

If you want to do it more like I did when I was your age you can go to the Stars and Stripes Theater because that's what they had in Cody, Wyoming. But then you want to end it at some cool coffee shop type of place where there's bizarre looking characters going in and out so if the conversation isn't going well you can reference some of the different characters you see coming and going from the place."If it's a huge night and you're really having a good time than you can trade computer schemes and emails and mischief that people are up to nowadays, which I know nothing about." less"It's a little like breakfast; you eat ham and eggs. You see, the chicken's involved but the pig's committed.

We're like the pig, (officials) are like the chicken. I hope whatever I said was cute and clever, and maybe even a tiny bit humorous.

So therefore, in the final analysis, none of it's really that surprising." less "Everybody's all surprised every time this stuff happens.