PICS: Surprising Celeb Hookups"It was very tough," Good shared.

"It's interesting because I think it was harder for me.""When a man finds a woman he loves, he will go through hell and high water for her even if she presents this crazy idea of waiting, and he has no desire to wait," Franklin explained.

The ‘Think Like A Man’ actress now says she had to transform her mind, body and soul before she could meet the right man.

"And then I was worried that they were going to cheat or the relationship was going to end or whatever, and what happened was the relationship ended anyway."That's when Good decided to become a born-again virgin -- which, coincidentally, was a choice Franklin had already committed to in light of his ministry.

Still, it wasn't easy for them to suppress their physical attraction for each other.

WATCH: Best Celebrity Wedding Dresses of 2015, Ranked"We're talking here just normal conversation, but there's something else going on, and I'm like, 'Wait.

In the 2012 flick “Think Like a Man,” the character Mya is strict when it comes to her “90-day rule,” making any man wait three months before getting intimate.

She was chaste for two years, until she married Seventh-day Adventist pastor De Von Franklin — a journey they recall in their upcoming book, “The Wait: A Powerful Practice for Finding the Love of Your Life and the Life You Love” (Howard Books, out Tuesday).

Good, who comes from a religious family, began reading the Bible and praying at home to reconnect with God.

Remember those reports that Meagan Good cleaned up her act went on a sex strike to find her husband after an unnamed celeb dirty dogged her?

Meagan says the story got quite a bit twisted and wanted to set the record straight.

We sat down with Meagan and her husband De Von Franklin earlier this week right after the New York Post story dropped, and she made it clear that the picture they painted of her and her journey was skewed at best.