The mobile app that you were building for your kickass startup idea?

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One question, however, continued to bug bot industry is in its infancy right now and they are all competing for the same thing — to find the next killer app that makes chatbots mainstream.

There are no reigning champions in the chatbot domain as of now. I talked with a lot of people to investigate how far we really are into this future. Common consensus with the experts that I talked to put the timeframe to about two years to five years until we see a really killer app for the chatbot platform.

So if you’re not going to make an app, what are you going to do? Most experts believe that the evolution of apps are chatbots that live inside the app. My personal suspicion in this play was two fold: To get to the bottom of this conundrum, I started some research.

They extend the functionality of bigger platforms like Facebook or Telegram and user doesn’t need to install an extra app on their phone. It took me around one month of passive reading, talking with experts, tinkering with toolkits, and procrastinating to finally coding a functional bot in about 2 hours.

Many chatbots will promise the world but cannot deliver the most basic responses.

There is nothing worse than knowing you are not giving your customer an answer which is readily available in your FAQs.

The good part was that I got enough ideas to implement my own chatbot seeing the problems that they were trying to solve.

At some point, I must confess, I felt like an art school undergrad roaming around the Louvre looking for inspiration.

Two things that I noticed in particular with the good ones were: The decision to build a chatbot instead of an app does indeed carry business merit. The next part of my journey was actually making a bot to see how deep the waters really go.uilding a chatbot was like solving a reasonably-sized jigsaw puzzle for me.