Brandy's flame didn't extinguish right after, though.

After a short hiatus, she strode into the millennium with quality songs like her comeback hit, ' Full Moon,' and the underrated Kanye West-produced jam, ' Talk About Our Love.' Her achievements are impressive, but what's even more applause-worthy is how she's still in the orbit of pop relevancy after two decades in the game.

I think the largest contributor to this is the writer Michal Pollan, whose book, “The Omnivore’s Dilema” has become something of a bible for the grass fed beef industry.

I have not read the book, I don’t plan on reading the book because maintaining a stable blood pressure is important to me, but I’ve had hundreds of people tell me all about this book so I think I’ve got some idea of what it says.

When ‘Boy’ was released, rumors swirled that the two R&B newcomers did not care for each other, let stand to be alone in the same room together–these reports were later fueled by their refusal to perform the song or even promote together.

Their feud allegedly reached a fever pitch during the MTV Video Music Awards when a verbal argument backstage turned dangerously physical.

If incidental supplementation occurs due to inadvertent exposure to non-forage feedstuffs or to ensure the animal’s well being at all times during adverse environmental or physical conditions, the producer must fully document (e.g., receipts, ingredients, and tear tags) the supplementation that occurs including the amount, the frequency, and the supplements provided.

In May it came out that Brandy was dating hip-hop artist Sir the Baptist, and while there was initially speculation about it, they got more and more comfortable putting their PDA on display on social media: But just as fast as it got going, people are now wondering if it’s already over. Because Brandy posted this message on Instagram: It should also be mentioned that Brandy deleted all of the pictures and videos she had on her profile that promoted his music or that just featured the two together. As for Sir the Baptist, images of Brandy and their relationship still remain on his page.A year after Sy’rai was born, they called it quits, and years later, Smith would reveal that they were never legally married.They told that tale in the hopes of keeping her public image pristine. Rapper Young Jeezy is featured on the latest cover of Vibe Magazine and according to reports, goes into far greater detail about his relationship with Keyshia Cole, than I believe any mature man should have. He is like a 15 year old getting his first piece of ass and running back telling all his friends so he can look like a big man.When discussing the seriousness of his relationship with the singer, the rappers reportedly said “Keyshia asked me to marry her, bought me a ring and everything. “I was grown enough to tell her, Look baby, that isn’t what it is right now. I’m trying to get my money, take care of me and mine.” Now did we need to know all that? Female celebrities have to be especially weary of who they get involved with because just like that all your personal business can be out in the street.Read More June’s Diary are fast establishing themselves as a magnetic must-see on the touring circuit.