Mad emperors, fierce warriors, brutal entertainments, and lascivious lifestyles.

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and finally, i think it's clear from the graffiti that there were not only female sex workers but male as well...the assumption of slave women from asia and greece is not entirely correct excluding those of other gender identities and who surely existed during that time.

if people would like to discuss this further with people who have lived experience, i am ready and willing to add my extensive experience to the effort to decipher these artifacts and places Like the anxious men who began excavations at Pompeii in the 18th century and discovered more about the ancient Italians than they had bargained for – such as phallic-shaped lamps – historians of sex...

Archaeologists in Spain have uncovered sophisticated mining operations in Munigua, which were in operation as long ago as 4,000 years, but first Carthage and then Romans hijacked them for the vitally...

Bloodthirsty, warrior giants which came from far across the sea? Perhaps they were more like monsters with a single leg, arm, and eye? A team of archaeologists has announced the discovery of over a thousand stone artifacts, with some of them being up to 1.76 million years old.

It seems that two loafs of bread and half a litre of wine would enable a person to obtain the services of a prostitute.

Needless to say, the fees were paid to the brothel owner, rather than the prostitutes themselves.

Rumours abounded regarding Roman emperors and their indulgence in the pleasures of the flesh.

Tiberius, for instance, is said to have indulged in secret orgies in his pleasure villa on the island of Capri. Although Pompeii was initially rediscovered at the end of the 16 century.

But until the 16 century BC Roman city frozen in time, preserved by the layers of ash that spewed out from the great eruption of Mount Vesuvius in A. This was due to the fact that excavators were startled by the sexually explicit frescoes they were frequently unearthing, quite shocking to the sensibilities of medieval citizens of Rome, so they quickly covered them over.