Thanks to this innovative technology, parents are now put in a position of power, where they can be proactive in the protection of the children while they are out and about in the world.

The T-Mobile Family Where Locator Phone software is one that allows members to track other family members and loved ones from a cell phone device.

You can test the application for free through a 30-day trial.

Following the 30-day free trial, the program costs $9.99 per month and is automatically put on your existing T-Mobile bill.

As well as the ability to chat with family members and keep connected.

It makes this phone locator program well worth the investment.

The application is used for keeping a family connected but also for ensuring that children remain safe and that loved ones are not in need of help or assistance.

With the software activated, parents can locate any mobile cell phone device that is on a T-Mobile 4G network.

Once you start the application, it gives you the option of choosing the use of the free check-in option or the free family locator program.

Following the installation, you can use the program immediately.

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