Our relationship was complicated by these factors, as it often is for more mature people.

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Tim was a management consultant and divorced with three children.

I wouldn’t previously have considered somebody who was divorced, but I could tell from his emails that he was funny and very intelligent.

I met him via dating site lovestruck.com, which is aimed at middle-class professionals, and I thought he looked so warm, friendly and normal in his profile picture.

Aubrey asked if I wanted to continue chatting back at his house and I agreed.

We went to an Italian restaurant and had a lovely time.

At the end of the night he made it clear he’d like to sleep with me but, again, I said ‘no’, although I did ease the blow to his male pride by saying that I liked him a lot but it felt too soon.

I don’t honestly think it matters how long you wait to sleep together. In Tim’s case, because he was divorced with young children, there were other people to consider.

I wasn’t just taking on Tim, I was taking on his responsibilities as a father as well.

After a couple more dates, we went to a night club.