An evening spent at Lash feels a little more like a party at an exclusive, tucked-away Berlin night club than it does a night out at your standard L. Once you've secured drinks at the bar in this mod, coldly-artistic space, you proceed into the party room -- a black marble-encased weekend lair with an industrial chrome disco ball, a series of cracked mirrors, and throngs of well-dressed drink-toting locals.

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I can’t wait to eat that along with my foot long candy cane from Christmas. ” I don’t think about Valentine’s Day when I’m dating someone. For gourmet 2am pizza, parties where disposable cameras serve as tabletop center pieces, and craft drinks served in a vintage supper-club-inspired dining room, Jones is something of a Hollywood staple.

In fact, I don’t think about it when I’m single, and you shouldn’t either. It’s hard to not think about a whole day when everything around you is covered in gross chalky antacid candy hearts and red roses (ew, red roses, the French-tipped nails of the flower world). The 20-year-strong eatery is notorious for tasty Italian-American plates and celebrity sightings, both of which seem to draw plenty of crowds to the photograph-lined red-brick space.

Talk about an American classic -- Cassell's Hamburgers, inside the historic Hotel Normandie, is a suave update of the '50 diner or dive serving up filling breakfasts full of chewy bacon and fried eggs over flat beds of hash browns.

But that's not the main attraction -- all the attention here goes straight to the burgers, you know, hence the name of the restaurant.

The bar's sub-sidewalk lair is divided into two rooms: a Manhattan-esque dark-wooded drinking space, offering vintage pool tables and an extensive list of potent house concoctions, followed by a cavelike dance hall with a smaller bar for bottled beers, and a floor built entirely of flashing rainbow lights.

If you're not looking to dance, we suggest you limit your stay to the first room -- the usual crowds are not exactly known for remaining subdued on the dance floor. Stationed just off of an unassuming little Downtown alley, the building's diagonal black-and-white striped concrete facade opens up into to the main bar: a room decked with chipped white subway tiles, mismatched vintage furniture and bleacher seating.The monthly-rotating menu is based around an elaborate theme -- such as regional climates, with cocktails called Cloud, Rain, and Earth.Accompany your cocktail with the unusual omakase-style pairings at the bar.If your relationship is so bland that you need an ordained day to instruct your loved one to buy you a sawdust-stuffed bear from Rite Aid, then your relationship sounds boring. Take advantage of it now because that won’t last forever.“Oh, a dyed red lollipop in the shape of a heart with shitty white lead paint icing on it? Eventually, he’ll meet a girl named Beth and they’ll accidentally have a baby and they’ll have to move to the Westside to be, like “closer to her family” or something boring, and your stalwart make-out buddy will be gone. Go somewhere where the lighting is forgiving, the crowd doesn’t know or care who you are and public making out isn’t noticed.He gutted, renovated, and re-concepted Stinkers' into The Thirsty Crow, and decked it out with a brand new... The shelves are stocked with over 40 small-batch distills, the music comes from an all-wood, all-vinyl juke box, the bar is lit by antique fixtures, and the walls are lined with weathered photographs. like I said, there's no way your grandfather used to come here.