Variant Audiomatic is a tool used to make system-wide macros and then launch those macros with a voice command or keyboard shortcut at any time... Audiomatic enables you to launch programs, files, or websites; simulate keystrokes; play sounds; speak text; or even run scripts. The construction of parse trees and their traversal is supported. Unlike traditional desktop management solutions, Paragent Manage avoids the complexity and cost of servers by using peer-to-peer communication between agents and the administrative console. Our presentation suite think-cell serves a single purpose – creating business presentations. Tokens are defined as POSIX regular expressions and rules are defined in a similar syntax quasi as regular expressions of regular expressions. Paragent Manage is a Desktop Management Application that uses a lightweight agent written in C . Most international business consulting firms, as well as a large number of the well-known industrial global leaders, are among think-cell's customers. Timer." mail Intercept from Synergy is a mail interceptor service for Exchange Server 2000/2003.

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Type Traits PROGNOSIS is a suite of IP telephony management software products, specifically designed to address the key challenges of IP telephony life cycle management, including network-readiness, assessment, pre-deployment assurance testing, and ongoing Day-2 management of Cisco Call Manager, Cisco Unity, and Cisco AVVID infrastructure. It helps you capture, organize, and recall all of your electronic information across all the applications that you use. We have been a leading supplier of HIL simulation solutions since 1957. It allows simulation models to be easily connected to one another or to hardware components for real-time simulation.

Static Assert Ultra Recall is a personal information management (PIM) / knowledge management (KM) application for Microsoft Windows. ADI's tools provide advanced capabilities in real-time hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulation, rapid prototyping, and embedded controller software development.

The Fx Engine from SMProcess is a Free Framework for data flow processing and the design of dynamic systems using plugins. Bind: Provide a great flexibility compared to the STL. It's a COMPUTER Network based on your Social Network. Regex, by which the tokens for a parser can be defined. Lexical Cast and the Format library are used for the integrated c interpreter. Program Options library will be used too to improve the command line version of the texttransformer." The Thot Tool is an asset management tool for a group of game developers. "We have used Boost extensively throughout our agent, including: Boost. think-cell chart is our leading Power Point add-in for creating professional business charts, such as complex Waterfalls, Mekkos and Gantts, in a few minutes.

You can do it all with a voice command or keyboard shortcut! Remobo from AWIT Systems, Inc creates an Instant Private Network (IPN) between your computers and your friends. "The Text Transformer is essentially based on the Boost. This allows real-time inventory searching, alerting and software auditing in an easy-to-deploy and maintain package. It is a complete set of cutting-edge productivity tools, each unrivaled in its scope of application.

Moving legacy iterating interfaces, or interfaces that should of been properly designed as iterators to STL compliant iterators was easy and painless. The codebase benefited greatly from the clarity Boost. Skyjuice Software Quick File Rename is a unicode batch file and folder renamer which allows photo collectors and audiophiles to rename thousands of files and folders in seconds.

Thread: Used to implement the monitor pattern in key areas. Preprocessor: Used to implement repetitive unit-test code generation. "We are using the following boost libraries: Boost. mail Intercept was built using the following Boost libraries: Boost. mail Intercept intercepts and interprets the e-mails from a LAN using Exchange Server and converts the microsoft proprietary format to MIME and passes them to an SMTP filter and returns the emails to the Exchange Server as modified by the SMTP filter, converted back to the microsoft proprietary format and with its features preserved. Program Options (for the unit test programs), Boost. Preprocessor (nice for generating data for unit tests), Boost. Libraries used: Algorithm, Assign, Config, Conversion, CRC, Date Time, Format, Fusion, Geometry, Integer, Interprocess, Intrusive, Iostreams, Iterator, Math Common Factor, Math/Special Functions, MPL, Multi-Array, Multi-Index, Numeric Conversion, Operators, Optional, Phoenix, Preprocessor, Proto, Range, Smart Ptr, Spirit, String Algo, Swap, Tribool, Tuple, Variant Clipboard Recorder is an application that helps users to manage their clipboard history and provides easy ways for users to access their saved clipboard data. Variant Peer Guardian 2 is Methlabs premier IP blocker for Windows.