Instead, they moved into an independent living community near Heitger-Marek, again refusing a professional caregiver. Her dad passed suddenly and since then, her mother has been hospitalized four times.

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The email addresses are numeric in nature and do not disclose the chosen One Coin affiliate(s) managing them.

Whether affiliates who contact the provided email addresses are made aware which One Coin affiliate they are depositing funds with is unclear.

This procedure is necessary so that we can ensure that your payment will get processed effectively and on time.

You can use the bank wire payment by contacting distributor: Depending on the country the affiliate wishing to deposit funds is made, a different email address is provided for contact.

This separates them from regular One Coin affiliates, who progress no further than investors in the scheme.

And if you’re wondering why a One Coin affiliate might take on potential criminal liability, there’s likely a commission attached to each payment processed.

Instead, they bought a home in Florida with a pool and yard. Several falls (some from walking their new dog) and multiple surgeries ensued.

They refused to hire help for either themselves or their house.

After losing their last bank account, One Coin was unable to secure a legitimate banking channel to process deposited affiliate investments.

This quickly lead to grapevine promises of a solution “coming soon”.

Some adult children are finding that their parents don’t always know best when it comes to their diet, driving, housing, medication and more.