In diesem Whitepaper finden Sie nützliche Tipps für die Erstellung einer erfolgreichen, strategischen Cross-Channel Marketing Roadmap.

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Integrar los distintos canales para implementar una estrategia de cross channel marketing puede parecer muy complejo.

Y sin embargo, puede ser tan sencillo como integrar paulinamente nuevos canales a tu actividad de email marketing.

Strategic reactivation campaigns can help win back as much as 40% of your inactive file, and reduce deliverability issues that hurt sender reputation.

Email can build brand loyalty and drive direct revenue, but those emails must first reach the inbox.

Learn how to strategize for email deliverability, optimizing your programs by focusing on data quality, relevance and reactivation.

To acquire, engage and convert customers via mobile devices, marketers must master mobile marketing best practices, such as developing a mobile list acquisition program and encouraging sign-up by promoting subscription across channels.Dans ce livre blanc, vous découvrirez comment intégrer l’email, le mobile, le social et le display afin de créer des expériences mémorables et engageantes.Dans ce Ebook, retrouvez tous nos conseils pour intégrer avec pertinence vos collaborateurs IT dans le processus de réflexion marketing – et maximiser ainsi les chances de réussite de votre organisation.We offer in-house, dedicated services teams to help you as much as you need — 24 hours a day, sevendays a week, 365 days a year.Our ultimate goal is to provide a personalized approach to services support, ensuring you are able to use the full power of the Marketing Suite confidently.Verknüpfen Sie Ihr E-Mail-Marketing gewinnbringend mit anderen Kanälen.