And then we visited Taiwan, and boy did it ever prove us wrong.We flew to Taiwan excited to dig into the cuisine, but with the bitter taste of China still quite fresh in our mouths.This political war has very little bearing on Taiwan's growth however and Taiwan has become an economic powerhouse in the world producing a large percentage of the electronic parts used in various products globe wide.

Live camera taiwan-61

Watch the current traffic conditions before driving around the city or check the weather before visiting sites.

Each camera gives you a clear view of their focus point during the day and city lights keep the streets lit for night views.

Pretty much if you took all the things that we found disappointing about China and made them good, well, you’ve got Taiwan!

Best of all, consider the excellent quality of life a traveler can experience here, costs in Taiwan are actually quite low making it an excellent budget destination that should clearly feature on any backpacker’s Asian itinerary.

Dan Bloom just alerted me to this German webcam site that has collected 137 live webcams from Taiwan.

Check the drop-down menu on the left side or just look here...If you’re smart enough to do so, read on as we share all the ins & outs of this wonderful place so that you can make the most of your time there.Striking fear into the heart of non-tonal language speakers everywhere, the official language of Taiwan is Mandarin (the same official language of mainland China).The months of May to September correspond to the rainy season (monsoons), with typhoons being common in these last three months.Cloudy skies are a persistent characteristic of the weather in Taiwan, as you will be able to see on the live streaming cameras.Taiwan is currently the largest most populous and economic states NOT part of the United Nations.