The article pointed out that two percent of all parents had talked to their kids about the choking game, yet as many as half of all teens knew someone who'd played it.

Protecting our kids online or in the real world is every parent's job.

Chatroulette has a country filter and you can easily meet with people from India.

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It only takes a few minutes to check in with our kids, see what their browsing habits are, and ask them about their online activity.

If you do come across a site that's potentially dangerous or iffy at best, share what you've learned with other parents or your care providers, too.

News spreads fast in the teen world, but it can travel just as quickly through the adult circles. Here are some other ways to help keep our children safe online: If you're looking for more tips, this Kids article has some great suggestions.

I hope this post has helped tip off other parents to a new, potentially hazardous site.

It's a dangerous trend that's caused deaths across the world.

There are even websites devoted to videos of people playing the game or filled with how-to's.

You never know who you might end up talking to, hence the name, "Chatroulette." Log on and in seconds you could be talking with someone from next door, Japan, or even the Jonas Brothers (the band's been known to talk to fans on Chatroulette from time to time).

"At first, I thought, 'That's kind of cool,'" Kathleen said, speaking from her background in marketing and entertainment (she runs the consulting firm Pob Lab Marketing). Brands could really use this to build buzz" But there's a darker side to this buzzworthy site.

I read an article in Time recently about the choking game.

This is a sad story that's been in and out of the news now for over a decade--children try and achieve a high by cutting off the blood supply to their brain by choking themselves.

"My husband and I looked at each other and said, 'Oh my God, this is the most disturbing thing.'" The site's ease-of-use and voyeuristic appeal leads to a large percentage of (predominantly male) users using webcams to expose themselves anonymously online.