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The light was on in both of our rooms and Rebecca’s door was open. Lying on the bed, there was my cute roommate fast asleep and naked. It was still shiny from being inside a wet pussy and the room had the odor of pussy.

You know, that specific smell of a woman’s excited flesh.

I was late to get my name on the list to the college hostel, so I had to rent accommodation juts a few block from the campus.

There were 2 of us, 2 girls who rented one apartment, because it was a bit cheaper for us both to share accommodation fees.

I didn’t think someone as stunning as her would ever pay attention to the guy like me.

But she definitely took notice of a shy red head, also tattooed, with a slim yet busty babe, and it was me.

So, having put on my best clothing, I made my way to her mansion. Pressing Olga to the wall of the college toilet covered with obscene inscriptions she is enjoying her control. Olga feels disgust doing this in the dirty toilet where the surface of the mirror is covered with words written by lipstick and the odor of urine seems to be coming even from the depth of the walls… Even if they want that, even if their panties are wet through with the juices… Diana is enjoying her smell, it’s so pleasant, hot and arousing. She never had much time to spend with friends or boyfriends.

I was turned on, this meeting, or dating, as I expected, was supposed to open a new page in my life. As no one else in the world she knows how responsive the scarlet nub between girl’s thighs is, what a convulsion goes through the body during an orgasm… Frequently, she would come home to her apartment where she would usually find her roommate Alexis drinking with her friends.

I figured that she had gone out and simply forgot to turn the TV off.

I walked back toward my room, which was next to Rebecca’s. And I could swear that it had obviously been used recently.

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