YSA wards, at least in Utah, seem to be geared towards younger, college-aged YSAs.

We are in a different stage of life than younger YSAs, because are finished with college, are in our careers, have post-graduate degrees, and even own homes.

I wondered about the content and trend of these types of questions, so I ran them through a machine learning model that searches through the text, clustering the text into topics. Interesting Topic Clusters: priesthood and gender, priesthood power, priesthood blessings I have seen priesthood holders who are unworthy.

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For example, the words “marry”, “marriage”, “married”, and “marrying” are all related, so stemming them to “marri” allows an analyst to find related phrases and concepts.

I then ran the questions through a tokenizer, which transforms the words within each question into a numerical representation of the word, creating a vector out of each question that consists of points in space that represent each term within the text.

It does not require the priesthood to go vt and it would be a great way to meet RS members and feel comfortable plus help us gain testimony of visit teaching.

I am not married yet, but I want to prepare to be the best husband I can.

I feel like I am ready for marriage, but dating is incredibly discouraging and more often than not, it causes feelings of loneliness and frustration for me.

For the most part, the young men I meet can’t or absolutely refuse to initiate a real date.

The result is a matrix of vectors in some n-dimensional space.

I also removed so-called “stop words”, or common words such as “a”, “is”, “it”, etc.

So, as a priesthood holder, how am I to “preside over my family in love and righteousness” in a meek and humble attitude, without allowing unrighteous dominion to show its ugly face in my thoughts, words, or actions?

For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to be a wife and mother more than anything in the world.

I fiddled around with whether to perform this analysis on individual words or phrases, eventually settling on using terms of two words as the basis of the analysis. I expected to find topics such as “Heavenly Father”, “Jesus Christ”, the Book of Mormon, various forms of “singles ward” or “YSA ward”, various forms of “marriage” or “eternal companion”, and “scripture study”, so those didn’t initially catch my attention; however, those topics do contain some interesting questions that I’ll review.