Support for a domestication hearth in the Southern Highlands, with subsequent diffusion to the Gulf Coast Lowlands and Balsas Depression, originally came from excavations during the 1960s of rock shelters near Tehuacán (Fig.1) that recovered maize macrofossils that radiocarbon assays on associated charcoal suggested were at least 7,000 years old (5).1) date to 6,200 years ago and reinvigorate support for a model in which groups living in the Southern Highlands had already domesticated maize by 6,000–7,000 years ago and later diffused its cultivation to groups living at lower elevations in the valley of the Balsas River and coastal lowlands (4).

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1), lately reported as “the earliest record of maize cultivation in Mexico” (1), to demonstrate that maize cultivation in the Tabasco lowlands might actually have begun as much as 1,000–2,000 years more recently than the previously claimed 7,000 years ago.

If so, the earliest securely dated evidence of maize cultivation in Mexico actually comes from the Southern Highlands (4) and best supports the hypothesis that domestication occurred there rather than the Balsas Depression.

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A sedimentary pollen sequence from the coastal plain of Veracruz, Mexico, demonstrates maize cultivation by 5,000 years ago, refining understanding of the geography of early maize cultivation.

Seven AMS radiocarbon assays provide the chronology (Table 1).

Like the Tabasco core, the Veracruz core comes from within 15 km of the current shoreline, records the Holocene sequence of depositional environments characteristic of the coastal plain of the southern Gulf Coast, and reveals how people modified that environment over the last 5,000 years (Fig. As sea level rose during the early Holocene, marine lagoons fringed by mangrove forests formed behind barrier islands (1, 10, 11).Substantively, it demonstrates that the earliest securely dated evidence of maize comes from macrofossils excavated near Oaxaca and Tehuacán, Mexico, and not from the coastal plain along the southern Gulf of Mexico.Theoretically, that evidence best supports the hypothesis that people in the Southern Highlands domesticated this important crop plant.The Emmerdale actress looked fabulous in her bright pink bikini and we instantly recognised it as one from Asos, who has the same style in a variety of hues to choose from.The sheer trim gives the pick a racy edge and we love the flirty pretty colour.Methodological issues related to bioturbation involved in dating that record combine with its similarity to a pollen sequence from the coastal plain of Tabasco, Mexico, to suggest that the inception of maize cultivation in that record occurred as much as 1,000–2,000 years more recently than the previously accepted 7,000 years ago.