They rarely interact with people outside their families.

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In 2007, Clement Olunga and Hapreet Syan hit the headlines when they defied stigma and openly declared their love for each other.

The racial and cultural divide between Kenyan Asians and Africans is so blunt that those who dare sharpen it with love brewed in an African pot via marriage face hostility and isolation.

It’s all about getting the best partner for our sons and daughters, since marriage is a lifetime commitment,” says Sudhir.

Beneath this cloak of prejudice, many love affairs blossom and marriages are consummated, albeit far away from the public eye.

In Indian culture, marriage is also a strategic alliance, especially when it comes to business.

You don’t just marry someone who can’t add value to your family.“This is because their fathers have locked them in the house and they don’t interact with men,” says Shabbir, adding that this prompts Indian girls to turn to their drivers, houseboys or gardeners to satisfy their sexual desires. The girl then gets pregnant and her parents force her to abort.Some are even forced to lie that they are raped by the houseboys.“If they were exposed at an early age, it would be fine to marry an African man.My 23-year elder sister has lived a sheltered life.“The caste system is about upholding spiritual purity.