In most instances, a user merely sees a photo of a potential mate and either swipes left (“No thanks”) or right (“I’m interested”). I was a little worried by the amount of matches and replies I was getting which was low than should be on normal dating sites.Anyway, i got a few likes here and there and the meeting new people begun.

It was a crazy idea with a friend to make some extra beer money.

Let’s just say that opened up my mind to a whole new world and made me think outside the box!

Within no time, I had loads of matches, six, seven and currently 12, thanks.

I am still not sure how long I will keep this game of musical chairs going. According to Tinder, it makes about 13 million matches per day, and is about 40 percent female.

— A few years older and a lot wiser, I’m now running Kenya’s first premium dating site.

DMK is a members–only site that helps bing people together in a fun and safe online environment; we make it easier and more convenient for busy professionals and expats to meet.The most unusual thing being used women’s underwear — it’s a long story…This was back in my poor student days in Leicester.After painstakingly choosing five photos that I thought were good enough, my Tinderverse begun.Tinder searches for people within your location using the application and broadcasts the photos on your screen. I was presented with an array of around 15 photos more like a deck of 15 photos to shuffle through and decide who is “Hot or Not”. Things is, for you to communicate or chat with the other user, they have to like you too.We are the only dating site to approve all new members, updates, and content uploaded to the site before it goes live. I’ve always done things differently; I love a challenge and I find it extremely exciting to do something that has not been done before. When I was a kid I secretly wished I was born in the 15th century and could explore the world like Columbus.