"I've lost track of how many times he's said that," Kate said of Jon threatening legal action. Josh Groban and Kat Dennings have called it quits after nearly two years of dating, according to a report. It was there that Dennings heard her new beau sing live for the first time.An episode that shows that consistently pushing a person — especially a person with an addiction, who is trying her damnedest to get better — into doing things they are uncomfortable with to and with their own body is counterintuitive to their own wellbeing; that Kate going from trying to please Kevin to trying to please Toby is bad for her, and that she needs some time to work on herself before entering into a mutually beneficial romantic relationship.

“They are still friends and care about each other, but it’s not the right time for them now as a couple.” The pair made their first public appearance together in October 2014 when they went as dates to the Beverly Hills Carousel of Hope Ball.

The 35-year-old crooner gushed about his girlfriend during a 2015 appearance on “Obviously you know how talented and amazing [Groban] is,” the 29-year-old actress told De Generes on the talk show later that year.

“But what you may not know is that he’s one of those people who can sit at a piano and play anything, anything off the top of his [head] …

he’s just, he’s just a genius.” Dennings’ costar Beth Behrs, who introduced the pair, previously told PEOPLE that the two are “nerds at heart.” “They’re in this crazy business, they’re both very calm and mellow and wonderful,” Behrs said.

I've known all along where [Collin] is, but the world doesn't know, and I'll leave it at that." WATCH: Kate Gosselin Says Jon Changed 'Overnight,' Praises Daughter Mady for Speaking Out Against Him According to Jon, Kate told him that his son is "in a special school for special needs kids with behavioral problems," but he claims that law enforcement officials have told him otherwise.

The 39-year-old former reality star said that he's now planning to go to court in hopes to get his ex-wife to tell him the whereabouts of Collin.

“And he treats her like a princess, and it’s amazing.” While Dennings returns to single life, Behrs became engaged to her boyfriend of six years, Michael Gladis, earlier this month.

A rep for Dennings did not respond to request for comment.

Toby wouldn’t take no for an answer, and since then, everything he has done “for Kate” has gone against Kate’s wishes…and sometimes, her own wellbeing. Kate doesn’t want to go to a Hollywood party, sing in front of a crowd, watch football with a dude who knows nothing about the game, or have sex?