Melmotte is surrounded by a circle of decadent aristos, scheming widows and nouveau riche businessmen, all trying to get a piece of the financial pie. In that year Salt Lake City was a closed community of about 12,000, unlikely to be the terminus of an international railway.

However when she is pregnant he viciously hits out at her, later apologizing in floods of tears and begging forgiveness.

Ashley assumes that it was her fault for antagonizing him but his violence continues and he becomes ever more controlling.

Every parent wants the best for their kids, and Shahzad is no exception.

Ever since his wife died he's been trying to keep his two kids Salma and Hassan on track. See full summary » On August 24, 2007, twenty-year old Sophie Lancaster was kicked to death in a park by a gang of kids.

Matthew Mc Fadden and Cheryl Campbel, too, are are amazing. The only flaw in this series is a major one -- the awful miscasting of Cillian Murphy as Paul Montague. His China doll complexion and blue eyes more resemble a Kewpee Doll than a man working in the rugged American west to build a railroad.

He looks ridiculous in a cowboy hat, and his attempt at a cowboy swagger is cringeworthy.

She and her boyfriend Robert Maltby were attacked because they were dressed as Goths. In The Family I Had, a mother recalls how her brilliant teenage son came to shatter their idyllic family through one horribly violent and shocking act. See full summary » At a party teen-ager Ashley meets the older Reece, whom she finds handsome and charming with the ability to make her feel special.

They start dating and, whilst it is apparent that he is pathologically jealous and possessive, the naïve young girl initially finds it reassuring that he cares for her alone.

You're to provide the rank and position and I am to provide the money. I buy my daughter a place in society by paying you to marry her.