Life will never punish you for seeking other opportunities as long as you remember to find ones that closely align with your interests & passions in addition to molding you into a better version of yourself. Your search has lead you to what seems like the perfect opportunity.When dating, this means mustering up the courage to talk to the person that’s sparked your initial interest from a distance in hopes of setting up a date.The music, the sounds, the lights, none of those outside variables seem to really matter much as you both continue to make conversation.

job hunting is like dating-57

You told yourself you would never date a person with tattoos but the person that accidentally bumps into you with the artwork on their forearm had intrigued you enough to spark your interest.

No matter how much we may try to control it, life has ways of switching things up on us.

Once you do realize those similarities, you’ll come to find that job searching doesn’t seem so serious and so stressful anymore. You might be out with friends for a night out or maybe you’re just going about your daily routine when all of a sudden, you come across somebody that captures your interest.

When it comes to job searching I’ll agree, you’re probably forcing its hand by wanting to find your next opportunity yourself rather than waiting on fate to work its magic.

Rather than dwell on it and look at the rejection as a failure, sleep easy knowing that there is something better out there for you.

While nobody can predict when it’s going to show itself, just know that life has endless opportunities available to all of us willing to look for them.Like anything in life, you plan things to go one way but more than likely, they always end up going another way.You majored in psychology thinking you would be a psychologist but then you soon realize that being a recruiter was a much better fit than you probably ever expected.You took a risk, you attempted, and never again will you think back to that specific opportunity wondering that dreaded feeling of not knowing.Without that feeling, you’re truly able to move forward with your life to other opportunities and there will be nothing in your way to obstruct your vision board.Whether they’re positive or negative, the relationships we come across in our lives not only teach us about ourselves, but they also teach us how to be better versions of ourselves.