Her body measurements are attractive example of so called pear shape.

Its this imagery that inspired the rest of the film.

Refn told EW the following:“Every time I was at a creative crossroad, I would go back to the opening image and say, ‘Why is it that this came to me so specifically?

It seems odd that a mountain lion would break into a second floor motel room, but the city of Pasadena does warn that the wild predators frequent the city.

The imagery in is often times not so subtle but in your face.

The final act of Early in the film, Jesse meets three women: Jena Malone who plays make-up artist Ruby, and her two model friends Gigi (Bella Heathcote) and Sarah (Abbey Lee).

Each of the women represent a different aspect of beauty.

It may seem less weird if the movie didn’t point this out to us. Aside from Keanu and the boyfriend Dean played by Karl Glusman, there’s also the sleazy fashion photographer played by Desmond Harrington.

Later in the film Reeves’ motel manager character warns him about girls like Jesse, and suggests he should instead look towards a younger Lolita-type girl who is staying in one of the rooms next door. Refn has explained that the reason that the men have such small appearances is because “Men have no place in the movie.” The filmmaker told Fastcocreate: The male characters were like the girlfriends of other films. They’re there to tell a certain part of the story mechanically.

Despite Mary's efforts, when she comes by Dean's house on the morning of the first day of school, Dean's parents tell her that they found gay pornography under his bed and that they're sending him to Mercy House, a Christian treatment center.

Mary tells her friends, as well as Hilary's brother Roland (Macaulay Culkin), who uses a wheelchair, about Dean's homosexuality, and makes them promise to keep it a secret.

The actresses from one of our favorite shows have moved on to play some other memorable roles (a few of them of the Sapphic variety), and we’re just happy to know they are still working just in case Harriet Braun can convince the BBC to bring them together for a reunion in the future.