A side effect of this information embargo was the limitation of the average worker to determine what was really going on in a research project.

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However, I challenge the readers to determine any of this information from the published manuscripts.

So how does this slip through the cracks for years?

Anyone who attended the pertinent sessions at the American Heart Association Scientific Sessions could attest to this. Anversa all investigators who questioned the hypothesis were“morons,” a word he used frequently at lab meetings.

For one within the group to dare question the central hypothesis, or the methods used to support it, was a quick ticket to dismissal from your position.

In practice, all data that did not point to the “truth” of the hypothesis were considered wrong, and experiments which would definitively show if this hypothesis was incorrect were never performed (lineage tracing e.g.).

Further, controls that suggested that the data might be artifactual were ignored or not conducted.

Controversy among competitors is not uncommon in our profession, but this particular one has blossomed into a formal investigation of their findings, and has, to date, led to the retraction of one paper and an expression of concern about another.

The “Science” I think that most scientists, perhaps with the exception of the most lucky or most dishonest, have personal experience with failure in science—experiments that are unreproducible, hypotheses that are fundamentally incorrect.

Generally, we sigh, we alter hypotheses, we develop new methods, we move on. In the Anversa group, a model with much less intellectual flexibility was applied.