“At the end of the day, you’d rather be with someone who can see rather than some asshole blind guy.” For a long time, the film just spins its wheels. We see Leeza isn’t really into her arranged beau, and is resistant to him.

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Blind Dating is one of those competently done indies that’s not very commercial in a way that the whole project is then effectively unsalvageable.

Everyone banters loudly and theatrically, and gives broad performances.

It's me, a young girl and Jean-Pierre Cassel, who plays my ex-partner. Please, just tell them they can watch American Idol forever, so just tune in [to In Case of Emergency] this time.

TVGuide.com: Where they can catch "United Kingdom Idol" Jane Seymour?

Perkins says if he uses the glasses again, it will fry his brain!

But he risks it all, crossing town to see the girl he’s wildly in love with the night she’s getting formally engaged.

He doesn't really have a lot of chance with Donna Ventress. TVGuide.com: When I interviewed Kelly Hu, she said, "Jane Seymour in lingerie is more than worth tuning in for." Seymour: Oh, well, thank you.

I think I surprised a lot of people because I played so against my type and my look. There's an amazing freedom at this stage in my career to play completely different characters.

When they find out Danny has signed up for an experimental surgery that may give him sight, his mom says, “You’re a guinea! Trying to help his brother, Lenny sets his brother up on a series of dates, each wackier than the next! His visits to the hospital allow him to get closer acquainted with Leeza.