(Like walking in on your wife sleeping with the pool boy).Play hooky every now and then and remember that a long day of work doesn’t feel as gratifying when you have no one to come home to. The Definition of Monogamy: There is a difference between someone being your lover and someone being your slave; Americans have a hard time grasping that. A Life Outside Your Relationship: What makes Italians so attractive isn’t just the passion for love; it’s their passion for all things ‘life.’ While in your head you see you and your new lover doing everything attached at the hip, you don’t realize this is disaster brewing.

And ladies, let your freak flag fly, be proud of your body, be independent and don’t be afraid to take life by the horns.

If you have your eyes on an Italian guy you may want to understand that there are going to be some things about him that you will need to know.

Every time work takes precedence over your lover, the flame dies a little.

We have to work to survive, but when you chose it over the rest of your life, be prepared to face the consequences.

Remember that these statements are general and that there is no way of knowing which guys will actually fit the profile here and which wont. For this reason you better go into the relationship knowing that you will never truly be #1 in his eyes.

If you are the type of person that gets jealous when your man shows someone else affection or takes other peoples sides over yours then you may want to run for the hills and pick a different guy. I am not saying that all Italian men are stubborn but let us just say that of all the Italian men I have met, and being Italian myself, there have been many, they have all been super stuck in their ways and unbending.The jealousy factor is much too prominent amongst American relationships, turning most free time together into a battle of defense: “I did not sleep with the fucking postman, drop it! Get a life, pursue your dreams; there is nothing sexier than someone with their own ambitions.” Understand that the population is, roughly, 50% the opposite sex and you can’t stop inevitable interaction. While you’re busy climbing to the top, you can look down and watch them all chasing you. Sex is Porno, With a Twist: Take the intensity and inhibition that shines through porn and add some sensuality and you’ll get the true meaning of an orgasm.But let’s face it: they’re clearly not working hard enough.The acts of falling in love and falling in lust are facing constant hurdles; there’s a constant pressure of getting to that white picket fence and having to reevaluate each step towards it to ensure efficiency and maximum speed. It’s no wonder the Europeans’ way of life is so much more fucking appealing. Living to Work Vs Working to Live: This work ethic Americans are so proud of is ruining lives as we speak.Instead of taking the traditional oral to penetration route, try arousing all the senses first. Take a Detour: Instead of worrying whether or not your new lover is ‘marriage material,’ how about you just shut up and enjoy. But just ask yourself why you haven’t stopped reading.