- Suprmallet So there's simultaneously a super secret team of giant robots and a super secret team of technologically enhanced super soldiers, and neither team knows about the other?

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There is definitely no better way to end the news than with a blushing Sara Underwood! Now that I'm a little bit older...(smile) and back in college, I hit the sack about midnight. Anyway, she was going to adlib the comment "I'm going to miss the sight of all those boats hanging out at the pier", which apparently is near the WBZ studios, but what she actually said was "I'm going to miss the sight of all those butts hanging out at the pier." She caught herself right away and said something like "It's been a long week" to her co-anchor, Ted Wayman I think, who kept his cool and a straight face and said something vacuous and noncommital like "indeed." She kept her composure very well considering the gaffe, which should have wound up on a blooper reel.

mine was for a very good reason, I had to milk cows by 4 am. I could easily see one or the other of them bursting into laughter, but it didn't happen. Kim Carigan is good; channel 7 should never have let her go.

Apparently she was being groomed for the spot, but wound up at 5 AM instead. Applegate has failed everywhere she has gone with dreadful ratings: at Later Today or Weekend Today, or whatever it was. At Fox 25 at PM (canceled), then at PM, then the early morning show. No and no on two counts - blue collar type, and a very poor dresser, particularly for a primetime anchor. I would expect her any day to adlib a four-letter word, or snack her co-anchor across the face with her copy for something. Great chicks at Fox25, even with Kerri-Lee Halkett gone to Philly.

She's the epitome of "news lite"; every time I saw her, which was as seldom as possible, she seemed poised to make some little crack about a news story to lighten the mood. Second worst female Boston anchor has to be Caterina Bandini. Worst chicks on WCVB; apparently their target audience is senior citizens from the Chet and Nat days.

I figure I might as well seize the opportunity before I have any important weekend responsibilities like pets or kids. -ram These past few days, I've been staying up until between and 5 and getting up past noon. Kerri-Lee Halkett is a Canadian which is something I recently learned. Starting out as a club DJ when I was 16, it meant a lot of nights up, and a lot of sleeping through the day.

This still keeps me in the “nightowl” classification and not the evil “morning person” category. It's not a good habit to get into, but I guess I've let my body clock get all screwed up. Moving into radio, the first gig was an overnight job, doing the 11p-7a shift.

As a kid, it was 9p bedtime, no later, except New Years eve. I loved a couple of weeks ago when Bob Lobel congratulated Sara on her pregnancy. She was doing a story a couple of years ago about the Boston Duck Tours moving their dock from one site to another for some reason, I think related to the never-ending Big Dig project.

She put her head down, turned red and looked REALLY embarrassed! These tourist boats are that amphibious type that look like a trolley and can go from the street into the water.

She was just incomprehensibly bad as an anchor for a real news show, as opposed to the ET/Access Hollywood types. She redefines clueless for anchors, and seems stiff and wooden. An addendum for Kerri-Lee Halkett fans: Her name appears on several lists on wanderlist.com, some of them of interest to male news junkies. Use the internal search feature to find the lists, but be aware that the search does not accommodate misspellings like Google. Quite a few others; I see them regularly as reporters on the network prime time news and say, oh yeah, he/she used to be on WNN or Up to the Minute. Campbell Brown is disappointed, u can tell she expected the position ! leave-best wishes...always looked great..seldom did a full shoot....shame.....! (keep it clean,profesh boys ) Francis R did he same as well….nice….!

How Channel 7 pulls in ratings with her and that flamer Randy Price is beyond me. I can't belleve they panicked and extended Price's contract after HArvey Leonard jumped ship. If you misspell, or the list item is misspelled, you won't find the item. Apparently it's a good path for promotion at the networks these days. I emailed her .her she should replace Caterina B..wrote back...soooo friendly. On a 'higher' level, lol, I was disappointed that Meredith Viera got Katie's spot!!! ANY NEW NEWS BABES are always welcome but, aside from Sara Underwood, Francis Riviera,the FOX25 girls-sans babe Molly Line.... 7 now who will win the anchor spot-Christa or Francis? ( a babe in boots = a 10 ) CHANNEL7, FOX 25 ARE ON THE MARK…I welcome any of the new ladies to the air around here…well worth the watch & a hopefully-get-to-meet-em ! The woman is a role model for all, and I look forward to meeting her some day, as well.

Andrea is a bit of a lookalike for the gorgeous Liz Cho; I wonder if that was a factor. I could never before but recently i can easily stay up late but then stay up til after school. Dale, Caterina Bandini is not "too skinny" she is petite and she has a perfect face with perfect features . I like Randy Price too, he looks so GQ meets Louis Boston! The other babes on rival new networks really don't measure up to the cougars on Fox25. Plus, in those home makeover segments, she wears tight shirts and tight jeans. You have to meet her in person to discover how “hot” she really is. She is attractive but she lacks the personality and the overall sexiness that comes from Maria. Sean X, For Halloween: My guess is that Maria does not dress up for her viewers nor will she wear anything inappropriate when she takes her kids out trick-or-treating. To them I do say touche’ & with a very warm,sincere ,honest Thankyou to those for having a open mind,honest heart,apprecitation for all things…beautiful. This site was mentioned to me by a friends daughter who works in media. I know she isn’t a local newsbabe…but did anyone see Sumi Das’ live report from CNN for Channel 7 this morning? It was hilarious…it wasn’t one of those small one that no one notices too you could actually hear it on-air.