Paraded on the streets, on television and even in celebrity culture.Danielle Groves reveals the significance of the history of tattooing in various cultures and how this has influenced modern times.

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Tattooing was found to be practiced in Polynesia 2000BC, and was believed to have gone northwest to China, eventually migrating to Japan 1100BC.

Over time the ancestors of the Polynesians colonised the majority of the islands in Melanesia; the Solomon islands, Hebrides, Fiji, Tonga and Samoa and by 1200BC the Polynesian culture began to develop.

The tattoo renaissance was in full swing from the 1980s onwards in America and has significantly influenced the tattoos that are seen all around us today.

The explosion of this practice gained a lot of interest.

The art evolved and Polynesian tattooing became the most skilful and intricate tattooing in the ancient world.

Today we see their elaborate geometrical and distinctive style re-worked into modern day tattooing commonly known as ‘tribal’.

From my developing interest in this practice, I noticed a lot of people in modern day society viewed tattooing as a fad, a passing fashion trend; this seems to be a bold statement for such a permanent art.

Tattoos have become more widely accessible, with plenty of studios appearing in many cities and towns across the globe.

This meeting between Captain Cook and the Polynesians seemed to be more of ‘a moment of stimulation’ I'm a recent graduate from Central Saint Martins, having studied BA graphic design, specialising in illustration.