For example, Woodmorappe claims that age data is routinely "explained away" (p.

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Former creationist Glenn Morton examines several famous young-earth creationist arguments and provides data to illustrate their flaws.

The I found it odd that nowhere in the book was it indicated where Woodmorappe earned his degrees or his current professional affiliation (Where does he teach science?

I believe that it's reasonable, when evaluating what purports to be a scientific paper, to inquire as to the author's expertise to write about the subject -- especially when the relevant information given is so vague.

Table 1 in the paper lists over 350 different radiometric dates from all geologic ages, there over 400 references in the reference list, and each paragraph in Woodmorappe's paper literally makes completely different claims against the validity of radiometric dating.

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Neither internal consistencies, mineral-pair concordances, nor agreements between differing dating methods necessarily validate radiometric dating.

The large spread of values for igneous and metamorphic rocks (especially of the Precambrian) may indicate artificial imposition of time-values upon these rocks.

The Phanerozoic section is subdivided into Woodmorappe's claims regarding the selective publication of dating results, the dating of sedimentary rocks, supposed rationalizations for discrepant igneous dates from petrographic and regional geologic evidence, and what he considers to be problematic results from the radiometric dating of biostratigraphically-bracketed igneous rocks.