As tempted as you may be, there is still thought before action, and as humans, we have the capability to choose.Cheating Myths Debunked Myth #1: If you are a beautiful and sexy woman, or a handsome well-built man, your spouse will not cheat on you.#1 Most Common Reason Reported For Cheating The most common reason reported by men and women for cheating is that they do not feel attended to.

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Men who are with women that are powerful are said to cheat because they don’t have as much power in the relationship (e.g., Jessie James).

So, which is it, men who are powerful cheat or men who aren’t powerful cheat?

This longing and void leads a person to desire the feeling of attentiveness, appreciation and in essence: feeling valued and wanted.

People Cheat Because They Make The Choice To Cheat!

Rare sexual relations with your spouse isn’t a guarantee of cheating, although do note that it is a warning sign that may lead to cheating and you would be foolish to ignore it. Cheating can be prevented far more often than it is.

In my recently released book, as discussed on FOX News Channel’s FOX & Friends; I explain my Marital Cheating Prevention Formula – 5 Steps.

The level of attractiveness of a man or a woman in and of itself is not an indicator of whether or not they will be cheated on.

Myth #2: If you are having sex with your spouse with frequency, your spouse will definitely not cheat on you, if you rarely have sex with your spouse, then your spouse is definitely going to cheat on you.

Further reading: Helen Fisher is a biological anthropologist who studies the brain in love.

The question; Why Does A Spouse Cheat – is often asked of this relationship expert.

In addition, I explain The Cheater Meter (which educates the reader on the top 6 signs/predictors to tell if your spouse is cheating).