Nor had TMZ and its splattergun TV spin-off, where a bull pen of avid rookies lob chum at host Harvey Levin during the show (actual teaser: “Jamie Lynn Spears and Casey went to the Wal-Mart superstore yesterday … ) as they all sip from their stupid cups of whatever. HBO’s tracking a merry band of moochers along the red carpets and velvet ropes of post-MTV Hollywood, had yet to hug it out, bitch.

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From voicing an adorable clown fish on the big screen to playing the murderous teenage son of an atypical pot dealer on a Showtime drama, one could say Alexander Gould has quite an acting range.

The 16-year-old Los Angeles, California, native has had 14 years to develop it; that’s right, he started at the ripe old age of 2!

“It was such an honor to be in a movie with all of them.” has got people buzzing, the season six premier followed and his TV family including Mary-Louise Parker and Hunter Parrish on the run, after Gould’s Shane killed his step-father’s boss.

“They’re basically traveling all over the country, and it’s really chaotic, and crazy and fun.” Gould’s actual home life is a far cry from his rather creepy TV alter-ego.

The complexions and demeanors of the young celebrities reflected the flush of that spring bliss, betraying no shadows of lost weekends or detox programs.

Apart from Alexis Bledel, of Little did we imagine how many of those shooting stars would become unguided missiles. for a game of peekaboo with swat units of crouching paparazzi.

When we met Lindsay Lohan for the teen issue, she was still the ebullient, freckled, bouncy funball who had become such a family favorite in the remakes of converted into an assault vehicle.

Even some of the success stories carried caution flags.

“I’ve been doing independent study my entire life, all online, and I love doing it, it makes it so much easier.” It’s hard to imagine what his parents might have thought about their adolescent son taking a role on such a risqué show back in 2005, but Gould says, “it was ultimately their choice.

We talked about it a lot and we were basically all for it – and realized it’s all just part of acting,” he said.

Cover girls Amanda Seyfried, Emma Roberts, Blake Lively, and Kristen Stewart. View a portfolio of the August issue’s star posses and see their answers to our questionnaire (biggest crush? A young star, fresh from the produce section, could still venture out at night without fear of being pecked to pieces like Tippi Hedren in Founded the previous year, the Web site Gawker, that celebrity garbage-disposal unit, hadn’t yet left its snot mark on the culture; its best worst years lay ahead.