This of course spurred a whole new conversation about Colin’s sexuality and prowess.

Along the way, I spotted Hunter Parrish of Weeds fame coming out of Starbucks and pointed him out to CK.

Once we got down to the Village, we came upon some of CK’s friends from Miami and stopped to chat with them for a bit.

The guys from my past didn’t appreciate me, and I didn’t want to go through that again. CK’s exhaustion came more from hip gyrations on the dance floor.

That wasn’t helped by a few comments CK had made to me in full disclosure. I was happy to relax for a bit with some light pillow talk.

Let me point out, he never gave me a reason not to trust him, however, he never gave me a reason to trust him either. We were both strong men, so tossing each other around came easy and provided fun and excitement. Before the weekend began, CK mentioned going to Alegria Sunday night.

It would take time, but eventually I would learn to trust him. I may not have been able to realize that at the time because I was so stressed throughout the night, but looking back from a relaxed state, I am able to recognize I was having a good time. I told him right off the bat, I would not be able to do that.

It was the perfect cherry on top to a long weekend.

We had a gay ol’ time joking, laughing and judging the sh*t out of the people who passed by.

When we got home that night, we had an even better time. I had to go to work Monday morning, so that was not something I would participate in.

I wasn’t entirely comfortable with everything that went on that night, but I was thrilled to be in the arms of the man I loved. Again, I didn’t really want him to go without me, but I wasn’t going to stop him.

Hunter Parrish and Kathryn Wahl have officially tied the knot!