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Humiliation text chat-36

"Both plain as pudding." Indeed their skin was pasty and their mousey hair hung limp. And aunt's and grandmom's too, and the lady next door! Gonna be some interesting additions to all those family albums..." And that was when English teacher Ada Braithwaite arrived and shushed girls to their places to start the lesson on Jane Austen's Emma, from a more elevated age when young women were not tainted with such unromantic instincts. Seems that drinks this evening had been arranged only that afternoon. She must have asked him to do it, the girls sensed, and she snapped the shutter as he did. Three photos of him posing back to camera, the two small mounds of his bottom muscled tightly together.

There was a hint- in this, and the prison-like drabness of their clothing- that their breath may not be altogether wholesome. " Here the Guelf twins were close to fainting with the strange emotions that swept over them. As soon as the front door closed with a tingle of the doorbell both girls moved downstairs as if in a trance, to the store, reeking of dry cleaning fluids and film development chemicals. And six photos of Samson in his Indian loin cloth, in her fitting room, the five inch long flap doing little to shelter the width and length of his member, especially in the pics that showed him engorged.

Quick snap and sniff yesterday in Glasgow (whilst at work)..down downstairs with friend me upstairs going through her basket , rubbing my cock on her knickers..taking the coffee offered and having a chat not knowing I've been sniffing ur... Please comment with remarks, replies and even requests.

Especially any bumlickers out there who won't be satisfied until they've rimmed every tranny's asshole.

Mrs Guelf, who owned the photo development store in Brewer, had twin daughters: Gwendolyn and Jessica, 18 years old and still in attendance at Grover Cleveland High. After dinner- mince pie- Mrs Guelf seemed intent on leaving as soon as possible. Then still seated but with his cock upright and his ball bag concentrated and the ladies all around him leaning and bending to take in the view, with Mrs Carruthers smiling proudly at the camera as if to say, "Now, what do you think of my boy? Here he was on the blocks with the better endowed boys.

"Those poor Guelf girls," lamented one local Brewer lady. Slyly that afternoon, in their apartment above the store, with its worn carpet and shabby blinds, Jessica asked their mother whether it had been busy in the store today. Yes, a lot of the moms...bringing in photos..some big sporting event." And her voice trailed off. She had been single for a year and was dating a big truck driver from Wisconsin. " And then pics of Samson in what the girls guessed was Mrs Carruther's back garden, naked as a savage, weeding her flower beds, pushing a lawn mower with cock flopping in his groin, hosing down a rose bush with his giant appendage upright and seen in profile and, outrageously, beaming at the camera and holding a half-aroused prick as he volleyed an arc of urine against the paling fence. Close to tears when posed with his grandmom and aunt and neighbour, his little member now stiff and pointing high- clearly an acute embarrassment.

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