“So, turn on what you were looking at”, she tells him, “I’ve never really seen porn before”. “Wow, those are big and nice”, Ashlee says, “if you don’t mind me asking, what’s this:hidden cam on the beach or something”.

“Are you sure you wanna see what I was watching, Ash? “It might be a bit weird at first looking at porn with my dad”, Ashlee says, “but I love you and, if you need alone time, then I like to see what you need”.

She was both excited and a little scared, what if it hurt her ass, her Mom had promised her it wouldn’t, and she would enjoy it.

Her friends at school, Norma and Sandy had also assured her it wouldn’t hurt both having had their asses fucked.

Joe pumps Ashlee hard and she slips, falling into Jessica’s tits tits, face deep in her tits. She gets close to Joe and starts shouting at him, naked, wet, huge tits bouncing in front of him.

Brooke Bailey hurried home careful not to lose the butt plug from her ass.

She reached the front door and turned the key, pausing just inside she removed her panties and put them in her school bag.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for had been a week now since her brothers had fucked her and her Mom for the first time, it was exciting, her brothers had forbidden both of them to wear any underwear around the house, Her Mom Selina had been teaching her how to suck cock properly and today she was to have her first ass fuck. She takes off her bikini top, holding her breasts in her hand. To see my tits, you have to get completely nakes and lay on Jess’s bed”, Ashlee tells him. So, he stripes off all his clothes and lays down on Jess’s bed. Ashlee gets Joe’s cock between her toes and starts pumping his cock. Your cock feels so big between my feet”, she says, half moaning, “mmmmmm, you are so good on my tits”. We are on Jess’s bed having sex”, Ashlee says while moaning, “mmmmmmm, you’re so good at this. Love this, Dad” “Yeah, I love it too, hon”, Joe says. Then, she walks to the window, and see Jess & Tina both asleep on their sunbeds. So, Ashlee grabs a robe for her & Joe and they head downstairs naked. “Well, we just have to make sure that your mother & Jess don’t wake up”, Joe tells her. She opens the doors, drops the robes next to the pool, and slowly gets in, naked. “Oh, Daddy, I’m so glad I caught you in Jessica’s room”, Ashlee says. “Well, Ash, we can really show our love for each other by actually having sex”, Joe says, “if you’re into doing that.” “Oh, Daddy, you’ve got me soo horny and wet”, Ashlee says, “mmmmmmm, I want you so bad now. My own daddy.” “Well, giving ourselves up to each other would definitely help bring us together”, Joe says. “How about we go outside and get in the pool naked? “OK”, Joe replies, “just as long as we don’t wake up Jess or your mother”. What do you have in mind”, she asks, as the runs her hands over his body underwater. Tina, Jess, & Ashlee are sunbathing while Joe is in the pool. She continues hugging him in her bikini from sunbathing. “Alright, to tell you the truth, Ash”, Joe tells her, “I was in here watching some videos on her TV”. Well, that isn’t a big deal”, Ashlee says to Joe, “what was it? “It’s nothing that you need to be concerned about, Ash”, Joe tells her. ”, she says, “you’re looking at porn in here.” “I didn’t say that, Ash”, Joe says to her, “but sometimes, your dad needs some alone time”. “Dad, if you wanna wank, just say”, Ashlee tells him. This is Jess in the pool and there’s me with her there. ” “Wow, I didn’t happen to notice that”, Joe says with a but of feigned surprise. “You like my tits and ass as much as I like your cock”, Ashlee says, “Oh, fuck yes.” Then, Joe starts to french-kiss Ashlee. They end up having a long, sexual french kiss, all the while, they’re still fucking. “Oh, Ash, you’re so fucking hot & beautiful”, Joe says, “and your pussy feels soo good on my cock.” “Oh, Daddy, your cock is huge in me”, Ashlee says, “Mmmmmm, we’re fucking in the pool next to Jess and mom”. Ashlee undoes Jessica’s bikini bottom, exposing her pussy.