Fakenstein, Einstein Hair, Gone Horribly Wrong, Herr Doktor (or simply What the Hell Is That Accent?), Humongous Mecha, The Igor, Killer Robot, Mad Scientist's Beautiful Daughter, Monster of the Week, Mr. Fixit, Morally Ambiguous Doctorate, Omnidisciplinary Scientist, Professor Guinea Pig, and Techno Babble.So the agency built what Stowe says is the globe’s largest nitrate-filtration facility.

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Corn is to Iowa what oil is to Texas—so it’s not every day that an Iowa official takes on the state’s biggest industry.

But Bill Stowe, CEO and general manager of Des Moines Water Works, has had it with Big Ag. “It’s a nasty business.” Stowe isn’t just talking smack: Last March, in an unprecedented move, Des Moines Water Works filed a lawsuit in federal court against three upstream counties, charging that they violate the federal Clean Water Act by allowing fertilizer to flow into one of the rivers from which the city gets its drinking water.

With the suit having failed, Iowa residents demanding water without excessive nitrate pollution will have to rely on farmers’ voluntary efforts—which include most crucially, as discussed below, the planting of offseason cover crops.

A recent Environmental Working Group analysis of satellite data found that just 2.6 percent of Iowa corn and soybean acres utilized cover crops over the winter of 2015-’16.

And lastly, a mad scientist is almost certain to violate the Scale of Scientific Sins: expect An Aesop (even if it's a preposterous one.) The Mad Scientist accumulates certain tropes effortlessly.

Gadgeteer Genius and the Mad Scientist Laboratory (or "la--a-tory") are almost obligatory, his conversation is likely to include the phrases For Science! , and the Labcoat of Science and Medicine (classically, the Howie-style lab coat that buttons diagonally across the chest and has a Mandarin collar) can be expected.

He's mentally unsound, which allows the story's creator to cover a weak motive or Bond Villain Stupidity with a Hand Wave.

This also helps the creator of the story explain why he kept all his incriminating records and yet doesn't have a duplicate monster or at least a blueprint lying around.

Secondly, he's a scientist, which in fiction means he can invent whatever strange device the plot requires.

Thirdly, his insistence on weird experiments gives him artistic license to invent those devices.

That’s a problem, because nitrate-laced water has been linked to a range of health problems, including birth defects, blood problems in babies, and cancers of the ovaries and thyroid.