When one of them makes a move, you’ll decide who you want to be with.I do sympathize with the temptation to get involved with someone else when your marriage has been less than enjoyable.

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I feel little or no sexual attraction to her, but do feel a strong compassionate bond, and find myself wondering, probably naively, whether marriage counselling could help.

At the same time, I know that it could never approach anything like I have with this other woman, with whom I can honestly say I’m passionately in love.

(After almost two years, can it be dismissed as mere infatuation? I also feel a strong family responsibility as father of two children.

With all of this, I have reached a deep crisis, in which I no longer know whether I am being prevented from going ahead with the divorce by (a) lack of courage, or (b) some deep love for my wife and family (despite the sexlessness of recent years, and the fact that I now also love another woman).

Plus the kids probably have some crap to deal with as well. Your girlfriend: If you move in with her, you’ll always associate her with the pain of the loss of your family, and that’s going to put a damper on things.

So you’ve made her turning into the wife you want more complicated. Plus she’s the type of girl that sleeps with a married man, so she doesn’t actually respect marriage.

It’s one thing to leave a relationship as someone who tried and was open and honest, and quite another to leave as someone caught with their pants down. If you do, the odds aren’t fabulous that the relationship survives. My general advice for recommitting to your wife is to hit the relationship reset switch to issue the fair warning, and proceed from that point, “As you should have done it in the first place.” And yeah, you do have to apologize for not offering her a fair warning the first time around. (Captains face their problem head on rather than seek the easy option) (b) Apologize for your lack of a fair warning.

That moral high ground allows you to find a new relationship as someone that has a more positive relationship track record. (c) Express what it is you need from her that was lacking in the marriage that helped create the situation where you start an affair.

I am very much in love with her, and cannot bear the thought of losing her.

Nine months ago, I suggested to my wife that we separate, saying that our relationship was no longer working.

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