In a (ahem) sincere attempt to find love, the first episode follows the progress of 36-year-old Wee Wee and 24-year-old Joe who spend their entire first date completely starkers.

And in case you’re wondering, it is as awkward as you think it is.

We take a look at some of the most romantic moments on this reality TV show through the years right here.

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During their first romantic encounter in the buff on the beach, the pair confess that they don’t know where to look but make a great effort to keep their eyes above neck level.

Stripping off, Joe admits: ‘I’m most worried about about getting a little excited, you know?

We first met Nick Jonas in "The Jonas Brothers" at around age 14.

He was quickly regarded as the most talented, as he wrote songs, played several instruments and sang lead vocals for many of their songs.

Seeing Nick with a kid might be too much for my heart to handle.

#daddymaterial I always knew Nick had it in him, but the moment he went solo he got even hotter than even I would've ever imagined.In his return to TV, Nick Jonas absolutely kills this role...literally.When you perform with Taylor Swift, you know you have truly arrived.Nick Jonas stopped by the Buzz Feed office, showing off his mixology skills and sharing recipes for his own creations.... And don't even try to deny me on that one — you know you love him (XOXO, GG). He will forever be the definition of a problematic fave, because even though he made some wildly immoral and downright cruel decisions, he will still be my number one.