Previously, it spun off Land's End, Sears Hometown & Outlet Stores, Orchard Supply, and more.

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But Toys R Us acknowledged it was unable to pay its bills without protection from its creditors and filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in September.

Their separate paths may yield different outcomes in 2018.

And comparable-store sales are already in free fall at Sears and Kmart.

Last quarter, they tumbled by mid-teen percentages at both, primarily because home appliance sales dropped.

The Home Depot has acquired The Company Store, an online retailer and cataloger of home decor and textile products, from Hanover Direct. "The acquisition of The Company Store provides product development and sourcing capabilities to help us expand our online decor business into broader categories across the entire home," said Craig Menear, chairman, CEO and president of The Home Depot. In addition to its success as an online retailer, the company has strong relationships and industry leading capabilities in the development and sourcing of high quality textiles across bedding, bath, and related categories, Home Depot said in a release.

Founded in 1911, The Company Store has a rich history of providing products that are highly sought after by customers as they put the finishing touches on a room. Perhaps that's the best that can be said about the deal by Sears Holdings to sell Die Hard batteries on All that Sears has left of any value is Kenmore and Die Hard, and though Lampert entertained the idea of selling them off as well, he's instead chosen the path of better marketing and licensing deals.While that is the better option if he's really trying to salvage Sears' ability to function as a retailer, it doesn't mean it will be a successful endeavor.And now Lampert is seeking to narrowly target the appliance and bedding markets at his new focused concept stores that will sell only those two products.He risks undermining whatever potential success they may engender by making them also available at Amazon.Consumers haven't been holding off on purchasing them because they were only available at Sears; they've moved on to other brands because they forgot they were even on the market.