Unfortunately, we get crude Dane Cook and very little Jessica Alba, and then plenty of preventable boobs.

The story here revolves around Chuck (Dane Cook), a man who from a young age receives a hex that allows for him to get with women, but whenever they leave him the next man that female meets will be "The One." He takes advantage of this curse until he realizes that he will become love-deprived as long as the hex exists.

Bottom Line: A mess from start to finish, we once again see Dane Cook trying to transfer his success from the mic into the movie screens but with no success at all.

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First-time director Mark Helfrich should know better than to riddle this good idea with clichés, explored ideas, and Dane Cook material.

Helfrich has been in the business for a very long time, and could have really spun this short story by Steve Glenn into a creative romantic comedy.

Trailer shows it's a quirky romantic comedy—failure.

Then in the movie we see an attempt to gross us out, an attempt to arose us with all the nudity, then tries to teach us about love by offering a bit of sentimental value—failure. It is extremely hard to take this movie seriously in terms of the lovey-dovey material when we see an entire montage of Dane Cook sleeping with different women or there is a moment dedicated to seeing a penguin eating his own feces.

Dane Cook is overrated on stand-up, and not any better on-screen.

Perhaps with good direction, we can see a decent romantic comedic lead out of him, but that is about it.

The lack of chemistry between everybody in the movie is a major concern, but between the two best friends is far beyond awful.

The only consistently likable character once again is Cam.

Our main character isn't exactly likable until he is on the brink of destruction over our lead female.

Chuck's best friend is an even more disgustingly awful character in more ways than one.

Unlike the adult comedies we've seen recently, this movie tries much too hard to earn the "R" rating, and it only takes away from its appeal.