You don't have to go to a fancy restaurant to have a romantic date.

Take advantage of deals at local restaurants and chains, like Olive Garden's never-ending soup, salad, and breadsticks.

After two drinking-centric dates, Dan* told me he was going to do a sober month.

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We sampled food, chatted up friendly business owners, checked out clothes, and watched updates from the silent auction (and regretted not bidding on the NYC staycation).

While there drinking at the Open Market, it wasn't the focus of the upbeat, social event.

Even if you don't really know how to cook, you'll have tons of fun trying to master a recipe together.

Yes, there are lots of places to spend money at the mall, but in addition to all the shopping, there are always a bunch of free things to do.

The low-key environment will help you both relax, so you can bond.

On a clear night, go someplace quiet and spend some time just gazing at the stars.22 7th Avenue South Nothing says romance like a secret, and New York City is full of hidden bars and restaurants.If you didn’t know what you were looking for, it’d be easy to walk right past the entrance to Little Branch, a warm and moody basement cocktail bar that’s full of perfect-for-cuddling booths.Learn to make your own in Pizza School NYC’s Hands-On Pizza Workshop.Work together to craft the perfect pie, and take your skills home with you for future fun (and delicious) nights in.136 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn For a modern take on the classic date, head to Nitehawk Cinema.