As a western woman in Iran, you should wear a hijab everywhere: on public places, in hotels, cafés, in the metro, in buses and on airplanes.

Girl irani xx-54

Leggings, jeans, linen-pants, skirts, dresses, everything is allowed.

Important is to wear it in a long version, because every dress has to reach down to the ankles. My worst experience was in the extrem hot and sandy city of Yazd in the south of Iran, where I made the “mistake” to wear a black dress, which was 4 cm too short to cover my ankles and feet.

In some regions like the Capitol Tehran you can wear the scarf just loose over your topknot like I did and show your hairline.

In the beginning of my Iran backpacking trip I always took care of not showing too many hair (blond – OMG!!!

However, please remember that you have to wear a hijab.

I don’t think that you would like to stay at a Persian police station for a couple of hours to be given a sermon or even worse things. Another part of the female dress code is a Manto, a longer jacket that reaches to the mid of your legs. My advice is to take a few tunika or a longer, light cardigan with you.

The Iranian people seemed to really like the fact that a western woman is traveling through their country.

Maybe that is why they let me feel their joy about it at every opportunity and in all possible situation.

This kindness is something I have never experienced during my travels ever before.

Here is my field report after 5 weeks backpacking in Iran. It’s just amazing to recognize all these friendly faces around you.

Just like anywhere else, nearly every younger woman in Iran is totally into fashion, so it is no wonder that you can see many very well-dressed girls on the street.