Although most of the important thermodynamic relations were known by 1895, they were seen as isolated equations, and had not yet been rationalized as a logical system, from which, given one relation, the rest could be derived.

Moreover, these relations were inexact, applying only to ideal chemical systems.

These were two outstanding problems of theoretical thermodynamics.

In two long and ambitious theoretical papers in 19, Lewis tried to provide a solution.

Lewis successfully contributed to thermodynamics, photochemistry, and isotope separation, and is also known for his concept of acids and bases. As a professor, he incorporated thermodynamic principles into the chemistry curriculum and reformed chemical thermodynamics in a mathematically rigorous manner accessible to ordinary chemists.

After receiving his Ph D in chemistry from Harvard University and studying abroad in Germany and the Philippines, Lewis moved to California to teach chemistry at the University of California, Berkeley.

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There is evidence that he used the Nobel nominating and reporting procedures to block a Nobel Prize for Lewis in thermodynamics by nominating Lewis for the prize three times, and then using his position as a committee member to write negative reports.

After his stay in Nernst's lab, Lewis returned to Harvard in 1901 as an instructor for three more years.

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Most of Lewis’ lasting interests originated during his Harvard years.