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Adam and Brett are dating coaches with over 10 years of combined experience in helping men around the world grow into the best versions of themselves and attract better women into their lives. Today I am talking to Richard from The Powerful Man ( about how to get girls to chase you! This is the 11th Q and A, and today Brett is joined again by George Kats (

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Located in Brisbane, Australia, they run live boot camps and online training events sharing their experiences and knowledge with men who want to live a life they love. To share your thoughts: Ask a question over on The Honest Casanova Community. In this episode, we’re talking about Sexual RACISM, Dwelling On Failures and Tricks To Make Her Fall For You. In this episode, Brett talks with the one and only Dave Perotta from Post Grad Casanova ( about flirting and connecting with women through conversation.

They provide a BRUTALLY HONEST approach to life, dating and attraction, by teaching men to be completely upfront and honest about who they are and where their intentions lie. A special announcement about the future of Honest Casanova... Make sure you go buy Dave’s book: Conversation Casanova: How to...

For tickets and further information go to Valerie Gibson, the author of The Later Dater: A Guide For The Newly Single Woman Over 50 is interviewed by Athena Mc Kenzie in the current edition of Zoomer magazine (page 63).

The new e-book is also featured in the March/April issue of Active Life magazine (page 16).

Just did an interview with CBC Radio Vancouver on my book The Later Dater and gave tips for older women who are considering getting into the dating world again. Fun evening spent in the company of Patrick Moore, the co-founder of Greenpeace and Lord Nigel Lawson, Lord Lawson of Blaky, who was editor of The Spectactator (U.

The online dating website Zoosk interviewed me recently about "The Six things Women Should Know About Men in their 50s. K.) newspaper 1966-70 and Chancellor of the Exchequer (Finance Minister) under the Margaret Thatcher government until 1992.

I AM a relationships expert, writer, author, speaker and media personality.

I am also a pioneer in the field of helping mid and late-life women explore relationships and sexuality.

Police confirmed his disappearance has been reported by relatives.

A Police spokesperson said: "Enquiries are ongoing regarding the disappearance of Mr Boyd." "The last known sighting of Mr Boyd took place in Glasgow city centre at approximately 1am in the early hours of Friday morning." "If anyone has any information regarding the whereabouts of Mr Boyd they can contact police on 101." Readers’ comments: You are personally liable for the content of any comments you upload to this website, so please act responsibly.

It's very unlike him to disappear please please please if anyone knows anything let me know ASAP it'll mean more than the world to me !